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犬の飼い主とプロフェッショナルをつなぐサイトdop ボランティア紹介

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"" often used in JapanThe word "dog run".
Translated literally, "dog runs"

Overseas, it is called a "dog park".
Translated literally, "Dog Park"

People take a walk in the park, feel the nature, relax with their families, play with friends, and jog.

Dog parks are such a place for dogs.

Meet and interact with other dogs, play with them, smell new scents and collect information.
The dog park is a social gathering place for dogs.

Introducing a dog park filled with the owner's commitment so that dogs can spend their time with peace of mind.

The secret to having fun at the dog park
● Let's go after taking a walk in advance. Insufficient walking or exercise can cause trouble with other dogs.
● Before entering the dog park, let's smell the surroundings. Dogs collect information by sniffing. Be especially careful where you go for the first time.
● Before entering, let the dogs greet each other through the fence. If you suddenly open the gate when there is a dog playing first, it may cause trouble.
● When you are in the dog park, keep an eye on your dog. And let's take a close look at the dogs around us.
● If your dog gets tired or starts to feel stressed, get out of the dog park. Do not overdo it. Take care of your dog's pace.

Please note that this site is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by the dog specialists and facilities we are introducing.

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