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about dop

This site was created with the hope that Japanese dogs will be happy and that the world will be realized.


A few years ago, my dog at that time barked at another dog while taking a walk, and I was having trouble pulling the lead to the fullest.

My dog did so because I was ignorant and easily welcomed my dog from the pet shop and did not let the dog socialize at all, which is of utmost importance to the dog.

As a result, both people and dogs were not good at it, and they responded sensitively to the sounds outside the house, sometimes trembling and taking a walk.

I saw the situation and said, "Because my personality is chattering."

One day, I met Dr. Masaori Tanaka, a dog behaviorist.

Consulting using behavior therapy.


Advice on living with a dog.


And I was able to get to know the animal called a dog correctly, and all the problems I had at that time were solved.

The biggest change in my perception was that it was my dog, not me, who was in trouble.

And all the dog behaviors I was having trouble with were made by me.

Having that perspective made my relationship with my dog completely different.

Four years after receiving the consultation, my dog died, but I still remember the gentle face of my dog friends in my later years. It is a figure that enjoys a walk with a light step.



People can choose their dog, but dogs cannot choose their owner.

The happiness of a dog depends on its owner.

What is your dog looking for, and is your wish being fulfilled?

Dogs don't speak human language, so they may not understand it perfectly.


But there are things you can do to make your dog happy.


It is to understand that your dog is a "dog".


Respect the dog as a dog and try to be the dog's position and perspective.

Just as we humans want to be human, and it's hard not to be treated like humans, so are dogs.

Seeing a dog's happy face makes me happy and happy.

The happiness of a dog is the happiness of its owner.


I think it's love.

For owners who think about the happiness of their dog, this site introduces reliable dog specialists and shops that can help you.

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Thoughts in "dop"

We named it "dop" as a place to connect dogs, owners and dog professionals.




What you need for your dog's happiness.

That is, the owner knows the dog, a creature, correctly.


In the case of humans, once we know that our child will be born, we will make a lot of preparations to take good care of our child until the birth.

So how many people will research and prepare for a dog before they have one?

The scientific name of the dog is

"Canis Lupus Familiaris"

"Canis Lupus Familiaris" = "Dog / Wolf / Family"

The dog is a family.


However, dogs are different from humans.

So if you have a dog, please know it correctly before you keep it.

If you already have one, please know now.

People who are having trouble with their dog's behavior now start by knowing about the dog.

Dog professionals are familiar with dogs.

They are the ones that connect dogs and their owners.

The more you know about dogs, the more wonderful they are.

So rely more and more on dog professionals.

For your dog, for a fun life with your dog.


dop tree … 犬の福祉向上の輪が、枝葉を広げるように次々と繋がり、育っていく世界を思い描いて。


What is Professional?

A professional that dop thinks is a person who respects the dog's character and works to improve the welfare of the dog.

And someone who helps dogs and their owners improve their quality of life.

When you think of a dog professional, do you think of dog trainers, trimmers, trainers, etc.?

Dop does not consider it a dog professional just by qualification, but emphasizes what kind of philosophy, what it is for, and what it is doing.

The professionals introduced on this site have people from various positions.

Dog behavior list

Dog trainer



Dog run owner

Dog cafe owner

Sellers of dog-related goods


I hope to meet more and more professionals that dop doesn't know yet.



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