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Dog behavior list
​ Ippei Nishimoto

ippei nishimoto


Born in Ehime prefecture

Dog behavior list

Dog trainer

JDBA Certified Dog Trainer
JDBA Certified Dog Behavior List

Correspondence area:
Online support in the Kanto area centered on Kanagawa and Tokyo

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​The reason for entering this road

It was triggered by my dog Louis.

I used to work as a mobile seller of bread locally, but one day when I went to the police station where I sold it, Louis was protected as a lost dog.

After that, we had a relationship and decided to welcome Louis.

I started living with Louis, but I was surprised that he panicked while taking a walk and continued to behave in an unusual way.

And to fix such behavior, I searched online and watched Youtube and tried various methods. But it doesn't work.

Meanwhile, I found the Youtube channel "Doggie Station" by Dr. Masaori Tanaka. I was surprised to see the video. I wanted to meet Mr. Tanaka. I wanted to meet in person and feel what kind of person I was. Then, I participated in the Nagano Hakuba Seminar by Professor Tanaka.

Although Nagano is far from Ehime, I chose the Nagano venue because I love nature very much. Mr. Tanaka, who I actually met, was the person I saw on Youtube, as I expected.

Then, I immediately decided to study at Professor Tanaka.

I quit my job and moved from Ehime to Kanagawa without having decided on my next job. I thought it would be possible if I went (laughs)

Looking back on those days, I'm glad I moved.

Even if you think it's impossible, if you try to move it, the story goes on.

Either way, I'm here now because Louis was there.

What is your memorable consultant?

After all it is the first consultant.

Rather than the content, my feelings at that time left a strong impression on me.

I was really nervous, saying, "I'm going to see a dog now" and "I'm working one-on-one for the first time."

Go a little early and wait until the time with excitement in the car.

Well, just recently, the client had a new dog, so I was asked again.

I was deeply moved.

At that time, he kindly welcomed me like a kid, and at the end of the consultation, he said, "If you have a new dog, please come back again."

And he really asked me again.

I think the first client was really good at that.

What is the origin of the shop name "PEI'S WISE"?

"WISE" is a proposal given by my teacher, Masaori Tanaka.


If you look it up yourself, it seems that there are nuances of "wise", "wise", and "~ like", which is nice! I decided immediately. (Lol)


After that, I think it's better to enter a name.


I chose "PEI'S" because of its good sound! I thought about this (laughs)

What kind of dog behavior list would you say to yourself?

Light (laughs)

Of course, I'm talking seriously at the consulting, so the client may not have such an image, but I think I can talk casually.

"Light" in that sense (laughs)

The rest is a dog behavior list that doesn't care too much about the details (laughs).

How would you live with your ideal dog?

Live in a one-story, natural and peaceful place.

I want to live in nature with my dog.

Sometimes I like being in nature, but I like the face that dogs show in nature.

That is my ideal life with a dog.









What is your dream as a dog behaviorist?

I hope the name Dog Behavior List is as good as a veterinarian in general.


We can't see medical care, but I hope we can see dogs in the same area.




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